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RTP Guidelines

Return To Play (RTP) Communication For United Futbol Academy

Dear Parents,

We are excited to be getting back on the field and need to communicate our plan for RTP.

United Futbol Academy will be providing two documents in this communication and an additional document as we get on the field.

- Document 1 is the USYSA RTP Guidelines.
- Document 2 is our UFA Internal document for training.
- Document 3, coming in another email, will have the egress protocol, entry and exit to parks-where to drop off your player and pick them up.

USYSA RTP Guidelines
UFA Training Plan

Important information: The RTP document has some very important information for the Club, the Coach, the Parent as well as the Player. So, you will see that this is truly a team effort to make sure we do everything we can to enjoy returning to the field while maintaining all current social distancing guidelines.

Please read the document and understand that you, as the Parent, are responsible to ensure your child’s temperature has been taken and they do not have a fever. The Coaching staff will be required to ask specific questions of the players when they arrive and before training. Please familiarize yourself with the entire document.

Thank you for being a team player!

You can expect additional information prior to the exact return date. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email communications@unitedfa.org and use RTP Question in the subject line.

Please also see our FAQs on our website here.

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