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Financial Aid


REGISTRATION OPENS MAY 1st - DEADLINE JUNE 15th for new players.

United Futbol Academy (UFA) is pleased to offer a Financial Aid Program for soccer athletes who are in need of financial assistance in order to play soccer. The program is available for all youths and an on-line financial aid application must be initiated by the parents or guardians of the player. The amount of assistance is limited each year, and based on a first-come, first-served basis. Financial aid is based on financial need only, and is not based on playing ability. Financial aid will cover only volunteer, field usage and registration fees. Financial aid DOES NOT COVER uniforms, tournament fees, coaching fees, travel expenses, 3rd training fees, camps, clinics, any extra training etc.

All financial aid requests are strictly confidential. Information is for the sole purpose of helping UFA determine financial aid eligibility, and will not be shared with anyone except the UFA Financial Aid Committee and the Club Registrar.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Academy Select - June 15th

Financial aid vary based on need-based eligibility and available financial aid funds. Families with household incomes exceeding $60,000 will generally not qualify.  A tax return must be submitted for the household. In cases of divorce, tax returns for both parents must be submitted.  Pay stubs and W-2s for one parent will not suffice. Receipt of a financial aid application DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the participant will receive financial assistance.

1. All Select and Academy players requesting financial aid must pay a $150 application fee in order to be considered for financial aid. This fee must be paid before a player's application will be considered.]If declined, you may request a refund should your player not be able to participate due to financial circumstances.

2. NOT AVAILABLE AT ALL LOCATIONS. All Recreational players requesting financial aid must pay a $50 application fee in order to be considered for financial aid. This fee must be paid before a player's application will be considered. If approved, a 50% discount will be applied to the registration fee for Rec (the $50 application fee will also be applied). Please register for the appropriate recreational program and choose "mail in Check".  If approved, the application fee is considered the registration fee for Rec.  If declined, you may request a refund should your player not be able to participate due to financial circumstances.

3. A copy of your current tax return is required. Please email a copy of the front page only of the parent or guardian's most recent Federal Income Tax return to your location's program administrator/registrar using the links below.  Please remember to white out any social security numbers on the copy of your tax return. Failure to submit this document will delay review of your financial aid application. 

4. If you request to transfer to another league, all fees must be paid in full before a transfer will be approved.

5. If you are late on payments, your child's player pass may be pulled and your child will not be allowed to participate in ANY UFA activities (including camps, clinics, etc.) until the payments are current. 

6. In return for financial aid, we expect you to help us by volunteering your time.  Volunteer hours should be rendered in favor of the club and not solely for your child's team.
* Recreational – Aid requires me to volunteer for 5 hours per season.
* Academy/Select – Aid requires me to volunteer for 25-40 hours depending on the amount of aid received.
Volunteer hours will be tracked and approval of future scholarships will be contingent upon compliance with the volunteer requirement. 

7. UFA serves over 5,000 players per season. In order to keep our costs reasonable and make scholarships available, we are dependent upon volunteers. Our organization also believes in our motto: Skills for Soccer. Skills for Life. We want everyone to have an opportunity to develop more than just soccer skills. In that vein, we are continuing to develop a strong volunteer base that supports the club through helping out in everything from field prep to tournament support. As a recipient of scholarship funding, we ask you to give back to the organization by volunteering throughout the season and during our tournaments. We cannot guarantee that you won't miss a game every once in a while, but we know your child will appreciate being able to play soccer this season.

8. Approval of financial aid does not guarantee that your child will be accepted onto a specific team. He/she must still attend tryouts. The coaches will then determine player placement and offer a position on a team. 

Any player requesting financial aid MUST complete the application, submit a copy of your current tax return and other supporting documentation (i.e. job loss, medical bills, etc) and pay the application fee before being considered for a scholarshipPlease note that if you have an outstanding balance from the previous soccer season, your application will not be considered until the balance has been satisfied.

Please login to your account, click on Register Now and scroll down the list of Available Programs and apply for the UFA Financial Aid ACADEMY/SELECT Application or UFA Financial Aid RECREATIONAL Application Fall/Spring.

If you have any questions, please contact your location's program administrator/registrar using the links below. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO EMAIL YOUR TAX RETURN, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR OPTIONS.

For Forsyth, click here
For Lawrenceville, click here
For Metro Atlanta, click here
For Mountains, click here
For Norcross, click here
For South Georgia, click here

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