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Rec Uniforms

Beginning in the Fall 2023 season, UFA will be moving to an online uniform ordering system with Lloyd's Soccer for our Recreational uniforms (U5 & Up). Lloyd's Soccer has been our UFA uniform provider for over a decade and has provided exceptional quality and service to our UFA families in that time.  We will also be transitioning to a two-jersey uniform kit.  This will allow us to have Home and Away jerseys on game days.

Why Change the Process Now?

Due to supply chain issues and shipping delays that we’ve experienced in the past, our Recreational Staff has been continually evaluating our uniform ordering processes for the past several years.  We believe that the time is right to transition to online ordering so that our UFA Recreational families can order their child’s size as opposed to receiving the manufacturer’s recommended size for their age group.  

Lloyd's Soccer will be taking all uniform orders directly from every UFA family through a uniform ordering store and will ship your uniform directly to your doorstep!

Will the Uniforms Still Change Every Seasonal Year?

No, UFA uniforms will also transition to a multi-year uniform cycle. Our recreational uniforms are intended to be used for three seasonal years. Our three seasonal years will run from Fall 2023 through Spring 2026.

What Will the Uniform Kit Include and What is the Cost?

The mandatory Rec uniform kit will consist of a Home and Away Adidas jersey – Blue jersey (Home), Black jersey (Away), black Adidas shorts and black Adidas socks.  The full kit must be initially purchased, and the cost will be $60 for youth sizes and $62 for adult sizes.

One of the benefits of the new uniforms we have selected will be that we can extend the time between style changes to help families save money.  Because Lloyd's Soccer has the ability to provide individual replacement items, it will be easier than ever to order a new jersey, shorts or socks should your player lose or outgrow their current uniform individual pieces. 

How Does this Impact My Registration Fee?

The uniform ordering process and uniform fee will be completely separate from the program registration and fee starting in the Fall 2023 season. Player Participation Fees have been reduced by $10 per season.  Parents will be required to purchase the kit through the Lloyd's Online Uniform Store once they’ve received an invite after completing their player’s registration.  Please note, the uniform kit should be ordered as soon as possible after the email from Lloyd's Soccer (orders@LloydsSoccer.com) with ordering instructions has been received. Delaying the order may result in your player not having a uniform in time for the first game of the season.



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